When providing a healing, intuition and guidance by Spirit often take over the session. Therefore, during the session we may start with one modality and at some point other techniques may be introduced to enhance the healing effect.

Energy Healings can be provided both in person and from a distance. These healings work to treat the cause, not just the symptoms, and can enhance relaxation, relieve stress, discomfort and tension, and accelerate healing. They can also assist the body in cleansing toxins, balance the flow of energy, aid meditation and positive thinking. Healings can help the client contact the "healer within" and lead to a better quality of life. Benefits can be immediate or gradual.

Hands on Healings a laying of hands, breath work, and voice may be combined.

Distant Healings the same procedure is used as hands on healing as though the receiver is in front of the practitioner.

The following is a list of other therapies/services performed by Dr. Darlene

In person and distance healing

Initial Consult:
Not sure what you need? Perhaps an initial consult is the best place to start. This session will help identify your needs.

Body Scan:
Through an intuitive scan of the body areas of congestion and the degree of congestion in the connective tissue can be identified. Bringing energy work into the session can help to dissipate congestion. Suggestions for lifestyle changes may be made so that optimal levels of individual health may be obtained.

Reiki is an ancient, valued healing practice meaning Universal Life Energy. This therapy is performed with the individual either sitting in a chair or lying down. Healing energy is drawn from the Universe and delivered to the recipient via the practitioner. Reiki is extremely helpful in healing emotional hurts, either alone or in combination with counselling.

Advanced Spiritual Healing:
This practice engages Spirit communication as to the best approach to your healing. A combination of modalities as well as engaging you in your own healing and releasing of wounds and hurts will enable you to begin your journey to feeling well again.

Axiatonal Alignment:
is a powerful healing modality that works along the meridian lines of the body. It clears the meridians or Axiatonal Lines allowing for the free flow of chi (energy), releasing memories which may have held one back and may result in releasing physical pain, remembering childhood events or having past life recall. It reconnects you to the Higher Consciousness grid, resulting in a clear focus and improved concentration.

Chakra Balancing & Aura Clearing:
Involves working with the etheric body: the chakras (energy centers), meridians (energy channels) and aura (energy fields). Improving energy flow to the etheric body helps to bring harmony and balance to the emotional, mental and physical body, resulting in feeling centered and grounded.

Guided Meditation:
Meditation is a practice in which a person quiets their mind, by: focusing on breathing, visualizing, chanting or prayer. This practice provides many people with a sense of inner calm, peacefulness and relaxation. There are many different types of meditation, as well as different reasons for using mediation. Some people use meditation simply as a relaxation technique to calm the mind and body, relieve stress and pain, and improve their sense of well-being. Meditation is also an important part of personal development, which can help achieve greater self-awareness, self-realization and spiritual communion.

Self-Healing Visualization:
Visualizations have been used to reduce and control pain, lower blood pressure and cure phobias. It is very effective in helping you to identify the inner cause of problems or illness, as well as your reactions to challenging situations in your life.

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