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Click Here for Product Details! There is an unseen world around us. This is a world of spirits, where those who have passed from the mortal realm find peace and wisdom. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience talking with these spirits? Have you considered the knowledge that could be passed on from such an otherworldly place?
Reading $160
Click Here for Product Details! No cards, stones, or other tools are used. In working with Spirit we connect directly with your vibration and that of the Divine. In all our readings we ask to receive information that will be ultimately healing and assist in your personal growth.
Healing $160
Click Here for Product Details! When channelling energy, it is always Spirit that does the works. We are the conduit for the flow of that energy thereby enabling healing to take place.
Mentoring & Coaching $250
Click Here for Product Details! Intuitive Gifts Mentoring, Spiritual Mentoring, Holistic Life Coaching, or a tailored to suit mentoring progam will be arranged at times convenient to both your work and life schedule.
Clinical Hypnotherapy $160
Click Here for Product Details! Conquer fears and phobias, eliminate bad habits, change beliefs and/or behaviours!!! Hypnotherapy produces the most immediate results.
Counselling & Transition Support $160
Click Here for Product Details! Loss, change, challenge . . . support you can count on to help you move forward in your life.