Readings are offered in person, via Skype, or telephone. canstock0020132.jpg

Spiritual Readings: During a spiritual reading, the reader connects with Spirit for the purpose of healing hurts, bringing unfinished business to a close, or communicating guidance from masters, guides and loved ones who continue to be a part of your life.

Soul Development Readings: Extremely helpful when one is feeling confused, down and out, alone, or in need of direction. We work with Spirit to help you evolve on your spiritual path so you may learn how you can best manifest your life's purpose.

Past Life Readings: There are times when a past life reading can be related to this lifetime and therefore assist the client with inner work needed, or just to identify the why's of issues and phobias that have yet to be explained.

Apart from Spirit communication, we offer life coaching, spiritual counseling, grief counseling, empowerment counseling, and mentoring. Isn't it time to reach out and heal the wounds? You will receive guidance to help you identify why you to continue to bring into your life negative relationships and situations. Isn't it time for change?

Your reading experience . . .

First, you will be made to feel comfortable and at ease. It is the intent of the medium that you find your experience enjoyable, informative, enlightening and healing. The medium will have meditated prior to contacting you and will start your reading by opening with a prayer. Making a direct connection first with the Divine and tuning into your vibration, the medium will proceed to relay to you what is being shared from the higher realms.

Your reading generally will offer information from Spirit that will be helpful with daily living and also in your spiritual and life journey. There may be times when a past loved one comes through who wishes to communicate with you. This however does not always happen as there are times when past loved ones are busy doing their work in the beyond.

You are encouraged to actively participate during your reading. It is helpful for the medium to have validation of the communication being received by Spirit to ensure it does make sense to you. The medium will continue to ask questions of Spirit in the hope that full comprehension of the message takes place.

As the reading draws to a close, you will be asked if you have one question you would like answered. Alternatively, you may wish clarification on something said during the reading.

We do not charge a flat rate. It would be unfair to you to pay for time that is not being used. In some instances half an hour is sufficient for a reading. However, in many instances the reading leads to spirit guidance in addition to the reading and that usually takes one hour and sometime longer. You pay only for the time the medium introduces themself to you until the time the medium ends the session.

Heal the hurts!

Attract more loving relationships!

Improve existing relationships!

Attract all things that matter!

Feel confident in all areas of your life!

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