"I was in so much pain when I suddenly lost my beloved grandson at the age of 32. We were very close, but there were so many unanswered questions. All of them were answered by you and later confirmed by one of his friends. You are a true healer. Thank you. Klare P. Guelph, ON

Just a quick note to say Thank You for yesterday! I appreciate the time you spent with me. You validated a lot of what I know and I really needed that! You also brought up other points to ponder as well. I'm not good with words . . . but I do understand now tat in order to care for others I must care for ME first. I'm feeling very enlightened with a new burst of energy. Thank you again so much . . . have a wonderful day! S.A., Barrie, ON

"Darlene is a genuine healer who is connected to spirit and can assist with giving guidance where you need it most - maybe even where you didn't think you needed it."
.L. Y., Mississauga, ON

"I received information from the other side and answers I have waited a long time to hear. Accuracy without a doubt, with circumstances only I would know about. Thank you Darlene".
K.W., Guelph, ON

"Information was specific and 'bang' on. It was an excellent emotional reading. Not only did Darlene know information that only I know, she gave me great insight on how I need to get where I need to be."
C.F., Guelph, ON

"I was able to reach my son on his birthday and to know he is at peace and happy was significant to me. I left with a sense of peace. Darlene was very comforting and supportive."
L.Y., Richmond Hill, ON

"Thank you for helping me to realize my full potential in many ways and giving me the insight I needed. Mostly, for letting me know my mother was right there."
K. G., Brampton, ON

"I can't thank you enough for the reading it was so soothing and your insight is commendable. God bless you. I will certainly be in touch again soon, and will recommend you to friends who are in need for spiritual guidance."
A. D., Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"The most significant thing was the insight Darlene had into my situation regarding parents and siblings. I'm really glad I did this. I will tell my friends about you. Thank you so much!"
C. A., Rockwood, ON

"I saw Darlene for a reading tonight. It was frightening how accurate she is, and I am talking specifics!!! Things I haven't told my closest friends. I have decided to see her for counselling and energy healing."
F.A. Guelph, ON

"It was a unique experience. Some of the information was surprisingly accurate. The brief hands on healing at the end of the reading was an excellent way to end the session."
J.D., Lawrence, KS

"My son came through in the reading to speak with me. It was very spiritually healing for me".
G.G., Mount Forest, ON

"What came through about my present relationship was surprising. The advice and guidance given was very helpful to me."
M. G., Acton, ON

"This was a great experience. The reading helped me reaffirm that all I was feeling was actually happening. It helped me decide some of my options." 
C. M., Guelph, ON

"Darlene, this telephone reading was like a healing to me. I feel clearer and more focused than I have in a long time! I am especially grateful for how you helped me consider options I never had before - even though they make so much sense. It was like a missing piece of the puzzle falling into place. Thank you for your reassurance and for guiding me so gently, yet specifically, along my soul path. You have a wonderful gift!"
N. F., Grand Falls-Windsor, NL


"This reading was one of the best I had and pulled out a wide range of information. The reading started with my life's path explaining certain aspects of it, pulling me into the trust and validation of the spirit led reading."
J.S., Edinboro, PA

"What was most significant to me was that Darlene saw my father. It meant so much. I was skeptic going in but was amazed with her reading. She definitely saw things. It was amazing. She even told me specifics. Amazing. Thank you."
M.D., Ariss, ON

"What was most significant to me was Darlene's description of a past life which may be the reason for my life now. I really enjoyed my session with Darlene. She was wonderful."
G.M., Palmerston, ON

"I was very comfortable and found Darlene to be direct and helpful in a lot of what she told me."
H. J., Orton, ON

"The reading was definitely on target. Hopefully I will work on the things that came out. I gained a great deal of insight from this reading."
E. S., Cobleskill, NY

"What was so significant to me was the scope of life. The reading was very accurate. Darlene has a true gift of prophecy."
R. T., Toronto, ON

"It was very accurate and relevant. I was surprised that Darlene knew how I felt on the inside and helped me to learn how to handle it. I was very impressed with this reading, and it actually gives me hope for the future."
K.J., Gibsonton, FL

"I just wanted to send you a quick line to say "Thanks so much" for the reading and for the guidance. It was truly an uplifting experience for myself. It is everything I had hoped for and more."
K.C., St. Thomas, ON

"I had a phone reading by Darlene. She gave me a spot-on reading and provided me so much valuable information. Darlene not only brought through my deceased loved ones, evidenced by things they told her, but she answered questions I didn't even ask her! Darlene also understood without my telling her what is happening with me and knew my personal qualities, and life issues. Overall, Darlene DeStefano is an outstanding medium and healer."
M.B., Washington, DC


"Calming, relaxing, came away feeling complete and at peace."
C. P., Rockwood, ON

"Wonderful. Peace and energy. I feel great. Thank you so much."
E.T., Lily Dale, NY

"Peaceful, calming, and tranquil feelings are what I experienced. This healing was full of love and energy. Thank you."
R. T., Toronto, ON

"I experienced wonderful warmth and love. It was very beneficial."
B. T., Etobicoke, ON

"You will never know how much you helped me. Words could never express my gratitude. When I came to you I was severely depressed over the loss of my baby and had little to live for. You changed all that with your energy healing work, words of encouragement, and gentle guidance. Thank you for giving me my life back."
C.D., Guelph, ON

"Darlene helped me overcome the grief from losing my father. He and I were very close. She has a wonderful gift and is a true healer. I wish you always to have this ability so you can help many more people."
H., Sarasota, FL

"My leg was in a lot of pain. After three sessions with Darlene the pain is gone and I feel great. Thanks Darlene."
M. E., Yuma, AZ

"I first heard of Darlene from a friend of mine and came to her for severe back pain that chiropractic, massage, nor physiotherapy would relieve. I don't know what she did but after only one treatment the pain was gone. It returned two years later and again after only one treatment the pain is gone. I don't know how you do it, but when I need you again I will call."
K. L., Cambridge, ON

"I brought my ten year old son to Darlene. He was very sick, losing weight, and had so much stomach pain every time he ate that he was barely eating anything. He was on medication but it wasn't helping. She did an iridology reading and was able to suggest a particular supplement. It worked like a charm and his stomach pain went away. Four months later he has gained eight pounds, is happier, and looks healthier. I would recommend Darlene to anyone."
B.T., Guelph, ON

"Healing takes many forms and Darlene's sessions are different from anyone I have ever gone to. There is always improvement from my sessions with her. Now I only see her about four times a year just because I feel so good after my visit with her." 
C. O., Kitchener, ON


"Darlene, I don't want to get all mushy on you, but I feel pulled to express the deep, deep gratitude I am feeling for . . . everything . . . you have shared with me these past few weeks. You are one of the most exceptional teachers and leaders I have ever studied with - and as you know, I've been studying since I was very young - so there have been quite a few! Seriously, you are incredible!!!
N.F. Grand Falls-Windsor, NL
"I want you to know that you have given me the greatest gift. I will be eternally grateful to you for this and I ask God Spirit to reward you 100 fold. You have given me more confidence, more hope, a closer light at the end of the tunnel, motivation, a reason for living; you have made me feel worthy of better. It is extraordinary what you have done for me."
A.B. Milton, ON
"You do so much for me. I feel like I am on the most important path of my life. I keep your book by my bed and refer to it all the time. I am truly blessed to have you Darlene. Thanks so much!!! You have changed my life. xxx"
K.TL., Ayr, ON

Workshop Facilitator

"I took a Reiki course with Darlene and found her course to be very thorough with essential and interesting materials pertaining to the subject matter. She is a good teacher and helped everyone feel at ease. We had lots of time to practice and when needed she helped each of us without being condescending or critical. She is an exceptionally good teacher."
K. B., Toronto, ON

"Darlene taught the workshop called An Introduction to Spiritual Healing I attended last year. She provided the necessary handouts, but what I liked the most was her demonstrations and the practice time we had with each other. I enjoyed this workshop very much."
R. K. Alma, ON

"I signed up for a workshop on developing a business plan. Darlene was very detailed and explained every step to the understanding of everyone in the class. This was not an easy class for me. After the second night I changed my mind on the type of business I wanted to start and decided to do something totally different. She really opened my eyes to see the good, the bad, and the ugly about starting a business. But most importantly she showed me how critical it was to have a business plan." 
J. N., Cambridge, ON

"I attended a spiritual weekend program of Darlene's that was so enlightening that I gained great insights into my personal life and now realize where I truly want to go. When I left her to go home I felt utter peace and calm and ready to make changes."
E. S., Elora, ON

"If you ever get a chance to attend one of Darlene's seminars or workshops make sure you go, you won't be disappointed. They are great!"
H. G., Acton, ON

Event Speaker

"Darlene spoke to several of our groups on travel for self empowerment. She knows her material and is an exceptional inspirational speaker. Many clients booked with our organization as a result of Darlene's ability to describe not just the destination but engaging all our senses as though we were there."

Patricia Joannie, Touring Friends.

"We represent a group of clients all with limited abilities. Darlene's talks on travel to exciting places made us all want to go. Those who did had a wonderful time."
Anonymous, Milton, ON

"Rev. Darlene's motivational presentation on Empowerment Matters in Ministry at our most recent convention exhibited her ability on presentation and content of material. I am pleased to recommend her to anyone that would like to benefit from her services."
Dr. John E. Bright, Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry, Vernon, B.C.

"Your dynamic energy electrified the room. I was not the only one moved by your empowering walk, and your empowering talk." 
Dawn Waffle, Bancroft, ON

"Darlene's passion, warmth and sincerity are a natural bridge that connects her with her listeners. On a personal basis, her wisdom and insight revealed to me what I needed to hear to move my ministry to the next level."
Rev. Dorothy Blandford, White Rock, B.C.

"Rev. Darlene DeStefano is an energizing, engaging and highly charged motivational speaker. It was my pleasure and honour to have met a speaker of her caliber at this conference. Thank you Rev. Darlene for the ability to speak from your heart to motivate and energize your listeners to rise to the challenge of not only becoming better people, but also in becoming better ministers."
Rev. Irma Haggith, Mississauga, ON